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Using customer feedback when evaluating a payday lender


According to a study by the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI), 27% of Americans have subprime credit scores and 36% of Americans cannot pay their bills on time. The study indicates that some people are turning to loans to fill the void when money is tight. For those with poor credit scores, payday loans are often a viable option when a credit card is not available or is at the limit.

In an industry full of scandals and shocking directives, payday lenders must be examined to avoid difficulties. When choosing a payday loan company, look for a company that offers responsible loan options, transparent loan policies and conditions, and good customer service. One of the best ways to check out a potential lender is to check customer reviews.

Consumer psychologist Cathrine Jansson-Boyd suggests that people tend to remember the first and the last on a list. “So these are the first five or six reviews that people read, and if they’re really interested, they’ll go to the last one.” We offer consumers various strategies for obtaining information about the services and reputation of a lender from customer reviews. Here are some things to consider when reading reviews of lenders who cover the short term loan industry.


Pay attention to trends when interpreting payday loan valuations. Trends can go far, from exam accuracy to corporate culture, services, and policies. Trends in wording, release date, syntax, or general specific examples often indicate incorrect revisions. Knowingly posting false comments is illegal, but it does happen. Some companies not only publish false reviews but also pay them. It’s illegal and unethical, but consumers still need to know how to recognize real and useful reviews.


MarketWatch says you need to watch out for excessive use of pronouns, vague words like vacation or business travel to set the stage, and peaks just before the launch of a great product or service. The article also warns of similar linguistic patterns, which can often be a sign of factory evaluation or criticism of the Black Hat marketing department. To discover a misappropriation of funds, first sort the notes. If you have any doubts, says Steve Wimmer, head of the MarketWatch brand, sort the latest reviews by the oldest. If a product is published with false (or biased) reviews, the truth will come to light over time. However, once you have filtered out these tactics, customer review trends can be very helpful in determining whether you want to work with a company. Look for trends in ideas, including comments on the speed or slowness, simplicity, or complexity of the processes. Trends in ideas in customer reviews help uncover positive experiences as well as hidden directions and weaknesses.

Customer service

As a consumer, what do you do if there is a problem with your services or your payday loan account? Call customer service and speak to someone on the phone. This personalized experience is likely to affect or destroy your overall vision of the company, which is why it often ends with reviews. You can say a lot about a company based on the culture reflected in the customer service team. Although you don’t necessarily speak to the same representative, speak to someone. Recognizing trends in a lender’s service culture can be a red flag or a good sign when reading reviews.

 Company policy

The financial policy of a credit company is often the deciding factor for potential borrowers. These include the type of loan services, the loan amount, interest rates and fees, as well as other benefits such as online loan services, a debit card offer, or if the lender can help build long term loans.

When negative borrower ratings are essential to well-known payment policies, application experiences, or fees, it’s easy to put yourself in the shoes of the borrower. However, you should also take into account that the borrower may have avoidable experience when publishing the report.


The lender responds

If a borrower shares a bad experience, does the lender solve the problem or ignore it? This is an essential part of investigating a company you want to work with. First, when a business does not respond, it is difficult to know whether the business would respond or help if there was a problem. Second, when you answer with unnecessary responses, you get additional insight into customer opinions and ratings. Third, when a lender responds to advise, consider how seriously you take customer problems.

Conclusion: the big picture

Customer reviews are one of the most valuable tools we have when choosing a payday lender or other payday loan. To get a general idea of ​​a lender, read some good reviews and some bad reviews. Then read some reviews somewhere in between. These reviews are the most honest and insightful on the positive and negative aspects of the place and can be used to compare other reviews and look for trends in positive and negative comments.


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