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How bad credit can affect your love life

There are a lot of things people are looking for in a potential partner, and if you feel that debt is not one of those factors, you are wrong. There are many ways in which this can negatively affect your love life.

And the same goes for your financial life – there are many ways to ruin it. You can accumulate excessive credit card debt, not pay your bills on time, and forgo savings, so you can count on bad short-term credit (like payday loans and cash advances) in the future. difficult situations. And it turns out that the destruction of your financial life and your love life can be very closely linked: the types of behaviors that lower your credit score can also lower your romantic Q score.

Payday loans are a real mood killer.

A recent Nitro Knowledge report shows that most people appreciate a partner’s financial intelligence and responsibility and see debt as a deterrent to starting a relationship. When asked which types of debt were most affected, payday loans were considered the least acceptable form of debt on average. This is likely due to the fact that taking out a payday loan is one of the riskiest options for borrowing money, which indicates a lack of financial responsibility.

With exorbitant interest rates and short maturities, these loans can easily catch up with borrowers in a cycle of debt without a credit check. One study found that more than 80% of payday loan borrowers did not have enough money to make their payments. Most people are aware that debt on payday loans is a bad sign and are reluctant to let their partners know that they have current loans.

Payday loans, in particular, were a notable concern among the respondents. Fifty-five percent were concerned about the disclosure of this type of debt to their partner, which can be explained by 62 percent who thought that a partner evaluated them for this particular type of debt.”

According to the report, the 12 million Americans who use payday loans each year are likely to experience dating stress in addition to the financial burden of a payday loan.

How can you improve your financial behavior?

A good credit score is not everything in life. But when it comes to improving your financial outlook, the behaviors that lead to good credit are a good place to start. First, make sure you pay your bills on time. All. Your payment history represents 35% of your score, more than any other factor. If necessary, discuss with your creditors the possibility of changing their due dates to make sure that all your invoices do not arrive at the same time, which puts a strain on your budget.

Then pay off your excess debt, starting with high yield consumer credit cards and personal debt.

Once your credit card balance is less than 30% of your total credit limit for all of your cards, you should see an improvement in your score. In the future, try to keep your credit usage below 30% at all times.

Don’t forget the savings!

And although your credit rating doesn’t account for savings, you also need to set up an emergency fund. The fund should be kept in cash or in an easily accessible savings account. Either way, the fact is that these funds are readily available in the event of a surprise bill or financial deficit. Having an excellent credit rating is great! It allows you to get better loans at lower interest rates and avoid expensive title and payday loans. The best way to deal with a financial emergency is to have the necessary resources. Even the most reasonable installment loans cannot be a candle to a well-stocked emergency fund.


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