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Do cash advances have an interest-free grace period?

Do cash advances have a grace period?

No, they don’t. If you withdraw an advance from your credit card, interest accrues immediately. The sooner you pay this remaining amount, the less interest accumulates. However, it does mean that you cannot get a cash advance on your credit card without paying at least a certain amount of interest. And it’s not the only way that a credit card advance can get more expensive. First, you will usually be charged with additional fees only to complete the transaction. Second, most cash advances have a higher annual percentage, separate from regular credit card purchases. Not only will the interest accrue immediately, but generally there will also be more interest accrued.

If you don’t really need cash and need it now, the best thing to do is to avoid making a cash advance on your credit card.

What about other types of cash advances?

In addition to the type you can withdraw with your credit card, there is another type of prepayment. These cash advances are a kind of short-term credit-free loan that you can get from a lender at a cash register or facility, or even take out a loan online. Basically, these are the same as payday loans.

These prepayment loans certainly do not have an interest free grace period. Even that way, they don’t deserve interest. The financing costs of this type of personal loan are generally calculated at a flat rate and do not accumulate over time.

Suppose you apply for an advance loan of $300 over two weeks at an interest rate of 15%. Your $45 interest charge is immediately added to the amount you owe. This means that you will not save money by paying off the loan sooner. The interest rates on these loans are much higher than the prepayment rates for credit cards. The APR for a loan advance could be around 23%, while this 15% fee for a two-week advance corresponds to an APR of almost 400%!

The repayment terms of these short term loans also make it difficult for many people to pay. In this way, they repay the loan, repay it, pay only the interest due and extend the full due date with new interest charges. It may be too easy for these borrowers to enter a cycle of unsafe debt.


Save money for a rainy day.

A cash advance is a slightly safer option for bad credit than a predatory security loan or free overdraft, but that doesn’t mean it is actually a good option. You can do better with a bad installment loan, but the best thing you can do is save an emergency money fund. That way you don’t have to borrow to cover emergency costs!


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