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If you have bad credit, you should look for abusive lenders. So look for lenders who check your ability to repay borrowed money. For people with a good credit rating, every credit they receive is subject to a credit check. Don’t worry too much because you have good credit! Check, lender and owner! There are no skeletons in these cabinets. But for people with bad credit, the situation is completely different. Requiring a lender to check your balance means it may not apply. Additionally, a strict credit check slightly lowers your score and bad credit needs all the help you can get.

When people with bad credit need a loan, they often opt for bad credit and no loan for credit checks. These loans do not include credit checks, but they have much higher interest rates than normal personal loans. Some of them can be predatory and involve borrowers in a cycle of dangerous debt.

But this must not happen! There are bad credit loans that can provide a useful financing bridge for a person in need. If you have bad credit, this is about finding the right loan for bad credit. And a good starting point is to find a lender who, while not checking your balance, will still check your repayment capacity.

How do bad debts work?

Bad loans are a little different from ordinary personal loans. Because they are designed for people with low credit scores, they see much higher default rates than loans for people with preferred scores. As such, bad credit loans come with much higher interest rates to compensate for these higher default rates.

Many bad debts, such as cash advances on payday loans and title loans, are very short term loans with an average repayment period of only two weeks. They are also small-dollar loans; While interest rates vary from one lender to another and from state to state, short-term payday loans are generally not offered for more than a few hundred dollars.


These short-term loans are repaid in a single payment and borrowed at an average rate of $15 per $100.If you ask for an advance of $400 at an interest rate of 15%, you would repay it with a single payment of $460 at the maturity of the loan. 

There are also bad structured installment loans like normal personal loans with only higher interest rates. Interest rates on installment loans with bad credit accumulate over time and have an amortizing payment structure. This means that each payment you make corresponds to both the amount owed and the interest.

How do credit checks work?

When a traditional lender reviews a loan request, they want to check whether the borrower in question is likely to repay their loan. One of the best ways to determine this is to check the person’s balance.

It doesn’t just mean that you check your creditworthiness. A “hard” credit check on a person also returns a copy of their credit report.

Credit reports are documents kept by the major credit bureaus that track your history as a borrower. The information in these reports is used to compile people’s credit scores. If you get a copy of a person’s credit report, the lender can get a complete picture of their credit history.

Current credit applications represent 10% of your total score. Each time a credit check is performed in your history, that check is recorded in your credit report. New loan applications generally temporarily lower a person’s score by around 5 points, and many short checks can further reduce them.


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