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Can you get an automatic title loan without a car title?

Auto title loans are a form of fast cash, a personal loan that does not always require a credit check or proof of income. If you have a unique title for your car, which means that the car is definitely yours, you can use it as collateral for the loan application.

The maximum loan amount depends on the value of the vehicle. This means that you cannot get a title loan without an automatic title that can be used as collateral. At the very least, the repayment schedule for this loan should be manageable!

Let’s review: What is a car loan again?

Securities loans are a type of loan without credit which is generally intended for people with low income and beyond perfect credit. Because these types of loans do not require a credit check (hence the name) as part of their application process, they can be a financial option for people excluded from traditional personal loans and who need quick cash. Other types of cash loans without credit checks include payday loans, pawn loans, and cash advances. Unlike payday loans, which are unsecured loans, securities lending companies have to provide collateral to the borrower under the loan agreement. 

Title loan conditions: how does the payment work?

Securities loans are short-term loans with a typical repayment period of only one month. Because of the associated collateral, which reduces the risk for the lender, you can usually borrow more money with a title loan than with a payday loan or prepayment. Still, you will likely get a fraction of what your vehicle is really worth.

There are no restrictions on how securities lending works:


Here is the problem with collateral: the lender can keep it if the borrower cannot repay the loan. In addition, the lender’s right to your car title gives him permission to recover and sell your vehicle to make up for your losses. In some states like Alabama, the lender may also retain the additional benefits that you get from the sale. In other states like California, the additional profit from the sale must be returned to the borrower.

Interest rate

In case of interest rates, title loans are much more expensive than a regular loan. You can even get many other bad credit loans. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the typical interest rate for a monthly loan is 25%, an annual percentage of 300%. And since the borrower can easily extend these types of loans beyond the original maturity date (for a fee), these interest rates and the total amount of the loans can quickly add up. 

Yes, you need your car title to complete a successful title loan application. If you purchased your car from a reputable car dealer, you are sure to have this document. On the other hand, if you bought your car as a handshake with a neighbor or friend of the Church and the title was never transferred to you, then a title loan is simply not insight for you. The other thing to remember here: you must have the car-free and free. This means that you own 100% of the title of the vehicle in question. What if you took out a loan to buy the car and haven’t paid it yet? You cannot get a home loan with this vehicle. Technically, you only fully own the car when all the debts that use it as collateral have been fully repaid.


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